Friday, August 15, 2003

Sucks with Lemons: Funny. Thanks for lending some balance by mentioning the scenery. Indeed, Costner does hire out good cinematography. That was the one award "Dances" deserved.

I have no memory of seeing this movie in Rockaway, New Jersey; I'd like to claim no memory of Rockaway at all. (Boy, I'm getting on the good side of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd today, eh?). I can only guess (wildly) that this was the occasion of someone mistakenly thinking I was in need of roughly $1500, and offering to front it. (As I recall, she stiffed you on the $4.50 to see the movie.) Either that or someone we both know spent the entirety of the movie in the lobby talking to a certain high-maintenance girlfriend.

This likely proves the huge gaps in my memory, no doubt the product of paint-huffing habit that I also can't recall, though nothing else would really quite explain it. What's the answer? Maybe you should send it by e-mail if it involves anything terribly, um . . . Nah, my public will understand.

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