Tuesday, August 19, 2003

In Another Devolopment: As I predicted, Davis is playing coy on debates. A Davis aide, Gabe Sanchez, is quoted in Reuters copy as suggesting that Gray Davis is, essentially, not a candidate for governor:
Gray Davis isn't on the same part of the ballot as Arnold, Angelyne, Gary Coleman, Larry Flynt and all the others .... The candidates' debate should be for up to all 135 of those people.
As I mentioned, Davis has no choice; he has to refuse to debate, put himself above the repacement candidates, and declare it all a "circus" or a "spectacle." In this he's helped by the gross figure of 135 candidates, at which he can roll his eyes and declare that he's working for California instead of participating in a sideshow. Arnold lost his chance by not issuing a one-on-one challenge to Davis, immediately and emphatically (and repeatedly, if necessary), to make Davis refuse him personally. Another missed opportunity for Arnold.

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