Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Like Attic Greek: Flyer probably has more experience in today's topic than either myself or Eno: corporate-speak. Ever come across language like this:
"XXX Consulting Corporation specializes in the implementation of strategic objectives, change management and skills training. Our clients are from both corporate and social sectors in the United States, Europe and Asia. The XXX network is comprised of over 40 consultants and training specialists working on projects spanning the globe in both established and emerging markets. Our practices are grounded in action learning methodologies and high-performance team protocols."
Or this:
"The basic objective of the Strategic Retail Management Programme is to drive learning in core strategic retailing areas such as embracing the appropriate retail value paradigm, retail market structure analysis and retail life cycle trends, segmentation and positioning in a competitive retail environment, creating the right service mindset, managing the retailer and manufacturer brand mix, and developing successful market entry strategies.
I find this stuff fascinating because I'm amazed anyone has a clue as to what it means. More importantly, these snippets are from websites trying to entice people to use their stuff - I suppose the core paradigm strategy is to make them feel stupid, and thus, have them believe you are smart.

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