Monday, August 25, 2003

Drawing The Open: Well, I mostly agree with your Friday posts. Since that time, however, Venus has dropped out, and Lindsay can hardly walk. You hate to put the whammy on her, but if J-Cap ever had a chance, this is it. Yes, Clijsters and Justine will be a tough act to beat, but with the home crowd, etc., I like her position. For the men, it could prove entertaining. Roddick has a good seeding position, but his first round opponent is Henman (who is the highest ranked, non-seeded player - exposing his yearly ranking at Wimby for what it is). Henman, you may remember beat Roddick about a month ago in the semi-finals of the Legg Mason tournie. However, on the whole, Roddick is playing on a different level since Gilbert took over the coaching reins. Hewitt's section seems replete only with clay courters, and as such, unless he totally flames out a la Wimby, he's the easy favorite all the way to the Semis. Andre has some serious bangers in his section, which you figure he's licking his chops over. Guys like Kafelnikov and Mirnyi, while intimidating, don't have the all-around game of the world's no. 1 player.

MORE: Here's a thumbnail of just about everyone and their chances.

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