Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Dangerous Minds: Oh, I didn't mean for a second to imply that the Dems aren't just as guilty of it. In fact, that is really my point. The Dems have always said the conservatives are dangerous - either for the poor, or for our security, or for the elderly, or.... It's just funny now that the conservatives are using it vs. the liberals. Democrats use fear as the selling point (or anger - as noted below). The GOP always used to just laugh at how inept and bloated the Democrats were. That was the dynamic. Even Limbaugh never called them dangerous. Well, the tide is shifting. The offensive is being brought to the airwaves and the book-readings, and the blogs. The liberals will destroy our country if you let them (it's not hyperbole anymore). For Coulter to call McCarthy a hero while lambasting the Kennedys, for instance, is mind-boggling. Even if you hate the liberal agenda, it's hard to call it nefarious - inept, illogical, sure, but nefarious, no. The effect could be disastrous, I suppose, but the intent is always benign ("free stuff for everyone!"). People like McCarthy (and you have to give Coulter her props; she picked about the worst of the lot) were clearly "dangerous" and nefarious at the same time. I dunno, I just find it funny.

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