Wednesday, August 20, 2003

"Dangerous Liberals": I've noticed a slow creep with this term. It used to be that the GOP would just dismiss the Dems as "silly" or "misguided" or "wasteful". But now, there is a growing trend to label the "liberals" as "dangerous". As if they are an organized force that could do harm. For example, go on over to Human Events, the "neo-conservative" periodical. If you subscribe you get a "Dangerous Liberals" 52-deck of cards to peruse and, supposedly, use as a dart board. Also, last night Michael Savage was back on the air on WOR in NYC. He is absolutely convinced (like a Bizarro Hillary) of a left-wing cabal bent on not only destroying the American Way of Life, but him as well. He gives paranoid a new meaning, and if I didn't think he only did it for the ratings, he might even worry me. But, that's talk radio, and that's why conservatives are so much more entertaining to listen to.

Knowing more than my share of what are being called "liberals" (usually done with considerable phlegm in the throat), and if there's one word I would not use to describe them, it's "dangerous". Hmmm, could it be a marketing ploy?

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