Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Get your ass [to the voting booth].": (I shall keep this up until silenced...or terminated) I don't know from Calif. politics, and would never assume what is sensible to me is sensible to someone from that state. However, I would be scared sh*tless to be running against Der Scwarzenegger. I would only seriously run (not that this guy isn't serious) if I knew something that no one else did (i.e. pictures of Arnold in compromising pictures with a cow; the recipe to a great fish taco), and was confident that that "something" could make me stand out against the juggernaut his campaign will be. Yes, certain Dems will now feel free to run amok over Davis, but running over him is nice and easy until you hit the brickwall that are Arnold's pectorals.

Of course, this is all in the hazy dawn of his announcement. We all know that the more someone speaks, the more we get sick of him/her. Also, the more critically he is looked at, the harsher the lighting (perma-tan, and plastic surgery notwithstanding). Let's just give this a week and then start the real handicapping.

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