Thursday, August 07, 2003

"Your [votes]. Give them to me.": Bradley over at the LA Times, who Kaus says is a must-read for inside scoop on Conan, makes a great point on Davis' chances:
Davis has a needed big boost from labor, which insists that no name Democrat run on the recall-replacement ballot. But the Davis campaign acknowledges that he has not secured a commitment on his request for $10 million in campaign funds. After spending nearly all his $78 million war chest winning re-election last year and with most of what he’s raised this year blown on a failed counter-petition drive, California’s all-time fund-raising champ is in the unusual position of being essentially broke.
Can you hear Ahnuld licking his lips? Of course Bradely points out that it's still in Arnie's best interests for Davis to win - given that he wouldn't have to break a sweat to beat him.

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