Monday, July 28, 2003

Your clothes...give them to me: I just like that quote. Anyway, Esquire did a puff piece on him a month ago concerning his possible candidacy. If even half of what they said was true, the man shows a real devotion to his pet issues (education and after-school programs) and he doesn't talk or walk like a politician. He even was making fun of some of the choices kids have now; something along the lines of a "Just Say No" program. Arnold's take: You can't fool kids. Don't give them slogans; give them something real to do, that has an application on their lives. The theory is that a productive teenager, with tools he can use, is better than 50 reciting gung-ho cheers or listening to a man in a dog suit talk about fire safety. Plus, the man is a magnet. After Gray Davis (has a first name ever been more apt?), I could see real optimism for his chances. He's no Ventura, riding a wave of apathy into office. I heard him on Howard Stern (promoting T3) and Howie asked him about the pot scene in P.I. Arnold's response (paraphrasing): "Just like Clinton, except I inhaled." I mean, you have to love that - plus the electorate will figure it's some sort of Austrian vibe. And, if adultery is grounds for trouble in California, well...


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