Tuesday, July 29, 2003

A Minority of One? Viking Pundit hits the roll of honor on the right today. Take a peek. By the way, his site's slogan ("The only conservative in Western Massachusetts") may actually be true. Whenever I see a car in my town with a Bush/Cheney bumpersticker, the first word that rolls through my little brain is "tourist."

By the way, what is it with Massachusetts liberals and bumperstickers? When you see a conservative with one (and yes, it will be one), it's smartly applied, clean, and timely (e.g., no Pete DuPont sticker from 1988). Liberals, though, never remove any, so you'll see the (relatively fresh) Nader/LaDuke sticker next to the (well worn) Greenpeace sticker next to the (rather tattered) Mondale/Ferraro '84 sticker next to the (sun-bleached and nearly illegible) apocalyptic Three Mile Island anti-nuclear sticker. And so on. By the time they get to a certain vintage (Muskie?), I suppose they either fall off the bumper completely or are bleached to the point of saying nothing. A nice parallel here between bumperstickers and the left's fetish of being unable to dispose of old, obsolete, and discredited ideas.

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