Monday, July 28, 2003

I still don't get it: This quote from a column in yesterday's New York Times:
If you see a whole monkfish at the market, you'll find its massive mouth scarier than a shark's. Apparently it sits on the bottom of the ocean, opens its Godzilla jaws and waits for poor unsuspecting fishies to swim right into it, not unlike the latest recipients of W's capital-gains cuts.
Is the tax cut the monkfish scooping up poor people who don't have stock portfolios to sell and cash in tax free (not that they didn't pay taxes on the income in the first place)? Is W. the monkfish and the tax cut his jaws? All right, so it's a stupid analogy, and a snide, unnecesarry comment by a Times reporter. Not exactly a first, right?

Except it's a fu***ng food column!

Jonathan Reynolds is writing a piece on his culinary experience on a trip to Norway.

Link via Taranto, who tries to explain the analogy, but I still don't get it.

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