Monday, July 28, 2003

Re: Not a joke...: Reminds me of when I started grad school and told a friend where I was going. "Queens' College," I said.

"Is that anything like gay clown school?" he asked.

I'm split on this one, as well. If it's privately funded, I don't have a problem, I guess, just like the "traditionally black" colleges like Howard University. But doesn't it undermine the goal of diversity and understanding among different people. I mean if you can't learn to put up with people different from you in high school, when will you. At least that's the idea behind diveersity, right. If we all interact enough we'll learn black people aren't dangerous and gay people aren't icky. Then they go and start their own school, creating more isolation and "group identification" rather than individual understanding.

On the other hand, if I want to go to a school that has higher academic standards because it will help me succeed, then no problem as long as I can afford it. Going to a school where you don't get beaten up every day in the locker room for being different certainly goes a long way towards academic success, I suspect.

I'm still suspect, but if it comes up as a school voucher argument, I'll pay real close attention.

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