Thursday, July 24, 2003

Senator Landrieu faced by a nine year old: Nice piece on Opinion Journal (reg. req.) about Senators Landrieu and Specter flip flopping to vote against vouchers for Washington D.C. students. Here's the scene last week at a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting:
Even a child can spot the contradiction. Outside the committee's meeting room last week, nine-year-old Mosiyah Hall, a D.C. public school student himself, politely asked Sen. Landrieu where she sent her own children to school. "Georgetown Day," came the response, a reference to one of Washington's most exclusive private schools. Mosiyah's mother says an obviously agitated Sen. Landrieu then came over to a group of local mothers to explain that a voucher would be no help for them here, because even with the $7,500 voucher this bill offers, they still couldn't afford Georgetown Day.

"It was an ugly moment," says Virginia Walden-Ford, head of D.C. Parents for School Choice and one of the moms demonstrating.
See dear, it doesn't matter if we give you a voucher. You're just, well, not one of us. Now, back to your 'hood.

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