Thursday, July 24, 2003

9-11 Critique: Well, you asked for got it. 20 findings on how the intelligence/law enforcement community let us down re: 9/11 attacks. It's good to see that we're not just giving up and letting the government say that it couldn't have forseen what happened. On the other hand, can you imagine, for instance, if the CIA went to the Transportation Administration and said that airplanes will be used as weapons, therefore, you need to create a new TSA, create 2-hour lines for domestic flights, and inspect the shoes of every 5th passenger. Oh, and all nail clippers must be viewed as instruments of terrorism. I mean, any President/Congress that even hinted at such changes pre-9/11 would have been crucified. Yes, the information should have been passed along, but no one can seriously think that much would have been done about it. I imagine the CIA has reports on how taxi-cabs can be used to destroy NORAD. This report must be used as a serious tool for improving communication among government agencies, and for giving serious evaluation to possible threats; but it cannot be used for political advantage or for throwing heaps of blame upon one particular segment of the government. No one was completely blameworthy or blameless.

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