Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Re: That Put Order on "Dirty Bomb at My Ex's House": Pentagon puts the kibosh on the Terror Futures market. At least that means Barbara Boxer can crawl back into her cave for another few months. Speaking of caves, Tom Daschle appeared for this issue, saying that "We are asking the administration this morning to renounce this plan to trade in death." What a deep thinker. What a brave soul, to be making moronic attempts at glib moral offense. Let's put this in the starkest possible terms, here: Tom Daschle would rather see you die in a terrorist attack than explore all options in a reasonable manner. He'd just plain ol' rather score the cheap point now. Ron Bailey has a fine piece not only on this but on idea markets in general.

More: Reynolds says, "The idiots win a round." He has a good list of links. It seems like everyone liked this idea except the politicians. As Bailey says, "cheap moral posturing."

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