Thursday, July 24, 2003

Loyal Opposition: Uday and Qusay are worm food, and Den Beste has a fine run-down of the leftist reaction. My favorite, from Lambert at the Atrios collective:
I think killing Saddam's sons was hog stupid. [Note: "hog stupid" now edited at site to read "not the smartest thing" etc.]

First, it's entirely possible that they were valuable sources of intelligence. Perhaps they knew which rosebushes the rest of the centrigures were under! Second, it would be more effective to display them as captives. Imperial Rome knew this when they paraded captives through the streets in triumph. The Peruvians knew this when they captured Shining Path leader Guzman and displayed him in a cage on national TV. Legends grow around martyrs, not captives.

So we should display Uday and Qusay on TV in a cage, then? God, no!
Suppose we had captured Saddam's sons, and then turned them over to the Hague tribunal for trial. What happens? The national interest gets served in all kinds of ways.
So no cage, a trip to the Hague, and maybe one of those pretty canal boat trips as long as they're in the low countries? Am I getting you now? Hell, within six weeks they'd be supping with Jacques Chirac and swapping stories of Baghdad back in the 80s.

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