Monday, June 09, 2003

Tolkien: Wheew. You just got in under the wire to see that one. Just so you know, if you move fast, you can rent "Hudson Hawk" on video, or own it, today! As for your (belated) complaint, the fact that Jackson (the director) was able to fit the story into only three hours was quite an achievement. I think you have to blame the source material. Yes, there was a lot of introduction, but ye gods, Tolkien has a ton of characters, plus all the different races, kingdoms and back stories. Interestingly, the "love interest", Steven Tyler's daughter, was essentially created whole cloth in a vain effort to bring some women into more prominent roles, and one suspects, put women's behinds into some movie theatre seats. This theme of forbidden love is continued even more uselessly in the second installment. I will say, however, that it helps break up the gloom of other scenes. Go see the second one. You may find a copy or two left on your movie rental store's shelves. Tell me if Gollum isn't perfectly realized.

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