Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Skeleton, meet my closet: I watched about 8 minutes of the drivel on NBC called "For Love or Money" (no link because I refuse to give it any more publicity) which has a typical air-headed hunk and the bevy of catty beauties. The catch this time is that the chosen female gets to pick the guy or $1MM. The guy is presumably ignorant of this zinger during the filming. Anyway, The Smoking Gun did its ususal excellent job of smoking out the truth. The guy (who for a lawyer shows a unique inability to either speak out loud or forsee that his charade would collapse) stated on his resume that he was a Marine Corps JAG officer, who received a prestigious medal for running the tax center (braver than most). This resume was posted both on the website of the law firm where he worked as a contract lawyer (read: a lawyer who can't get a real job) and the NBC site. Turns out he was kicked out of the JAG program for groping a female JAG officer. He didn't think this was worth mentioning. Anyway, it seems like you'd have to be an idiot to go on these shows these days - given the way your secrets are bound to get out. Not that I've groped anyone lately (besides myself -ewww), but god knows what someone would say about me, or how a bad picture of me would surface, or something would come up and I'd be labled "that guy". The 15 seconds of fame can't be worth it. Oh, and he's fired now.

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