Monday, June 09, 2003

Partial Birth Debate: Sullivan posts two emails from opposite sides of the PBA camp. One intelligent, reasoned argument and one rant of emotional blackmail:
Ever see a heart pumping outside of the chest cavity, Andrew?
Egads, that's a lot to take on a Monday. But I think most reasonable people (and I'm pretty sure Sullivan) recognize that there are times when an abortion is less horrible than the alternative, the mother's health being the most often raised, but not only, example. Because the writer's obviously tragic description of Trisomy 13 hasn't been discussed, Sullivan must be a cold, heartless, hateful man amused by the suffering of pregnant women. Please, a little intellectual honesty here. Will there need to language in any PBA legislation allowing abortions past the cutoff date for every conceivable circumstance, from a club foot to demonic possession? It's a shame we can't trust doctors to make the judgement calls that most every situation requires. But as long as the debate continues, spare me the "until you've been in "x" position arguments.

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