Thursday, March 06, 2003

"Police State": I was riding the 9:00 train home last night from work and a small "cell" of college-aged protesters were coming back (most likely from the post-demonstration rave), and this one multi-piereced girl had a bright orange sticker on her sweatshirt (most likely made of hemp) stating something along the lines of: "Resist Arrest. Say "No" to the Police State." I've realized why college people do most of the protesting (aside from having nothing but time on their hands): they don't know what real police states are like, so they think they have it pretty rough (or could have, if they weren't at Villanova studying feminist, lesbian authors). They simply don't have any basis of comparison. Oh, and this girl, on her way off the train, and in a most fitting guesture said "No war in know." Poor thing.

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