Friday, March 07, 2003

Clear Statements: I'm in total agreement that Bush has not been the most effective advocate for action. The message has been loose, casual, and shifting. But that has done little to change my outlook, because Powell and Blair, on the other hand, have been forthright, steadfast, and eloquent. Powell all the more so since he was the initial advocate for going the UN route, and is now crafting the most compelling arguments of why the UN is about surrender its last shred of dignity and legitimacy. A couple of things will change the picture in the next couple days: First, how will the security council react to Bush's message? That is, will the famous "allies fall in" event take place? Second, what will the Turks do? Things point toward the pro-western Turkish military injecting itself into the debate. One subtle message last night: Bush said he supports Turkey's admission into the EU, no matter what they decide on US troops. The tacit message: that we are different from the whining French, specifically highlighting Chirac's petulant tantrum in which he threatened to veto EU admission for any country that sided with the US.

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