Thursday, December 19, 2002

Whole Lott[a] Waffling Going On: (This may be my best intro yet). Anyway, the only leverage Lott has is that he can resign (as you pointed out earlier) and take away numerical superiority (potentially). However, based on what we have seen of Lott, his ego won't allow it. So, he fights his war of attrition, his staffers start defecting (my brother served a semester with Vic Fazio a few years ago in Congress, and if there's one thing he learned, the staff is no better than their bosses in terms of opportunism), they move his office "temporarily" to a broom closet, and he ends up the vice-chair on the Senate Luncheon Committee. I'm not sure his ego will enjoy life as a back-bencher anymore than as an ex-Senator. I can see him at the end, totally wacked out, trying to trade hip-hop handshake-hugs with any black guy he can find (as they try to escape), calling each one "my nigga", then mangling the words to Nelly's latest hit at an impromptu press conference.

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