Monday, December 16, 2002

Foot-Shooting: Lott has gumption, I'll give him that. Such hubris, however, usually acts as a blinding agent, as it becomes more of a Nixon-paranoia ("they're just out to get me") versus a realistic look in the mirror (you're an out-moded, racist blowhard who just blew the chance to be majority leader). I've said this before, and I don't think you agreed with it whole-heartedly, but here goes: the GOP usually has the "dark side" aspect to its mis-deeds while the Dems are usually viewed as bumbling, stumbling, rumbling morons (the sexcapades are admittedly a bi-partisan issue). I'm not saying one is better than the other, but at a time when the GOP was really beginning to hone a good image (strong on war, security and taxes, while seeming open to issues like prescription plans and inclusiveness), this statement by Lott, and his resulting scorched earth response, is doing major damage to the Bessler Machine Bush had running of late.

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