Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Ben has officially become a crank: Part Two of his "article": When I was a young boy, things were different! We all grew up emulating Einstein, Oppenheimer and Roosevelt (the real one, not the communist). Why I remember after a 12-hour school day, we would rush home to perfect our craft. I specialized in rhetoric and would mesmerize my friends, holding them rapt for hours as I extolled the virtues of bran and the free-market economy, not the near socialism of the New Deal that nearly destroyed our country after one of the most successful economic expansions in years. My chum Robbie, would then take his turn, bewildering us with chemistry experiments that astounded the senses. Of course we all had to be home for dinner when Mom (herself an enterprising at-home industrialist) would have waiting for us a from-scratch welsh rarebit as Father gave his weekly lecture series (usually on geopolitical issues such as the unsustainability of the Ottoman Empire). Boy, we would hardly eat for fear of missing a word - and if we did, a quick lash from the belt brought us back. No televisions back then for us. Nothing but trash unlike today's offerings, especially on the education-oriented Comedy Central. Back then we didn't worry so much or carry on about all the problems you hear today like civil rights, workplace safety, and environmental issues. No, we just glossed over that superficial stuff, and went back to our books, where real change was effected!

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