Monday, December 16, 2002

By "Sunday shows" you mean ESPN, right?: Thank God Gore bowed out somewhat gracefully. Good timing too with the SNL bit (he was awful, but not un-watchable). I say Lott is gone. There's too much movement by his would-be replacements. Nickles is calling for his ouster and is salivating for the job even though he is term-limited. Plus, Lott gives too much ammo for the 2004 fight. Lieberman is a great choice in that he has a backbone and has some visibility. One wonders whether a short man can win the presidency (history bears me out on this). The Jewish thing, despite this being the 21st century, will also be an issue, I'm sure. Funny, isn't it, that JFK being a Catholic 40 years ago was a big deal too?

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