Monday, December 16, 2002

9/11 Commission and You, Puhfek Tugedtha [how I heard it]: Your "like him or not" parenthetical is certainly important in the analysis of the stature gap. Clearly, Kissinger, in terms of world events, prestige, etc. is/was heads-and-shoulders above Kean, who, despite being a two-term governor, isn't exactly on the national radar these days. He makes sense as he's local (to NYC), probably has kept up his Rolodex, and is not polarizing like Kissy. But here is the test: You're a mid-level bureaucrat at whatever the INS is being called these days, your pool secretary buzzes you: "I've got [Henry Kissinger] [Tom Kean] on the line." For whom do you interrupt your civil servant lunch?

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