Wednesday, December 18, 2002

The International Game: And does anyone at Foggy Bottom really think that France and Russia are just waiting around for some solid evidence? Nobody's that stupid, not even Jacques Chirac. Our "allies" don't want this war to happen, because it threatens their economic interests. They like the status quo. Russia is desperate for client states, now that the former Warsaw Pact has all run off to join NATO. France needs someone to buy their crappy goods and tell them they're still a world power. Egypt and Saudi Arabia wouldn't mind seeing Hussein gone, but they'd hate for it to be the Yanks that do it, since it simply holds up the absolute feebleness of the Arab League in its own backyard. Stupidly, we agreed to play their game, to come up with the convincing evidence (never convincing enough, you can bet) that tips the scales to war. Now we've got to go to the UN with a straight face and pretend we've found a breach. They'll pretend to consider it, then they'll pretend to make a decision. Then they'll say "No. Go back to Square 1."

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