Monday, December 23, 2002

"Safe" guns: Surprise, surprise. New Jersey is first state to enact law mandating use of "smart technology" for guns. Now, I'm pretty much against "gun rights" but I recognize that the overwhelming majority of gun-owners are law-abiding people who have guns for recreation, hunting (another issue entirely) and self-protection. And my take on smart technology is that we are protecting children (accidentally killing friend or self), law enforcement (bad guy can't steal gun from holster), and then, more murkily, the population as a whole so that stole guns are rendered useless. However, I see the last issue as less viable as, over time, the crooks are able to get around the technology and then we're only slightly better off than we are now. However, the chances of accidental shootings and police having their weapons turned against them would seem to be dramatically reduced. I therefore don't see the downside, apart from maybe the cost. The technology is years away anyway, and I'm sure they will have a grandfather provision on existing weapons, so no one will be forced to give up the guns they have. All-in-all, if this tech can be perfected, I see this as only positive.

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