Monday, December 16, 2002

How much more of this am I expected to take? Here's Trent Lott on BET: "I'm sorry about [the comment]. I apologize for it. I've asked for forgiveness and I'm going to continue to do that ... But it is about actions more than words. As majority leader I can move an agenda that would hopefully be helpful to African Americans and minorities of all kinds and all Americans." How smarmy is that? A nice segue into why he should get to keep his job. What a punk. Here's the kicker, though:
Lott announced that he has changed his mind about making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a federal holiday — having voted against it when it was on the Senate floor — and said he supports affirmative action.

"I'm for that," Lott said when asked by Gordon again. "I'm for affirmative action and I've practiced it."

(Trent, if you're going to become a Democrat over this, the GOP definitely doesn't want you in a leadership role.) As a final blow to his effectiveness (he ever had some?), Lott can no longer formulate a principled, conservative, color-blind policy on affirmative action, since only racists can be opposed to that. Get out, man. You're useless.

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