Monday, December 09, 2002

Save the Blogosphere!: I mostly agree with your take on blogging. The one difference between most media and their blog-critics is that the media can run their web sites with near impunity because they have their laboring oar in the print media, and most of their content is just taken from their daily drivel anyway. The blogger is usually a guy in his office or home drafting missives on things he finds whilst he surfs. Since no one gets paid to surf anymore (oh, bring back 1999!), one has to make a conscious choice to either surf instead of work, or surf instead of other free time activities. This is what makes blogging so interesting (it's not a corporate device), but also so perilous (no bling bling). Once you get funding, you start to chip away at what makes a blog so much fun. Anyway, Sullivan's pledge drive should certainly show what he is worth to everyone.

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