Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Drug Warriors: Radley has a clip from Dan Burton on the drug war. Key passage:
Burton: "But I have one question that nobody ever asks, and that is this question: What would happen if there was no profit in drugs?"
This only serves to indicate how comatose our drug warriors are. First, this is a question that anyone with a shred of reason has asked countless times. Even National Review is pro-decriminalization, for god's sake. And Buckley's crew isn't exactly a bunch of bong-waving wake-n-bake types, you know. Our fearless Agitator optimistically hopes this is a Nixon-to-China moment in the drug war, and I hope he's right. But don't dump your bio-stocks for a bunch of Phillip Morris, thinking that huge profits from Marlboro Mellow are just around the corner. Yes, it's a start, but bear in mind that Burton thinks he just thought of something original. The kind of idiocy that requires in a policymaker is enough to squeegee any optimism out of me.

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