Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Ben Stein, Whiner? The downside of traditional conservatism (look out Trent Lott) is the tendency to put the past on a pedestal. This is why I can never be a Republican; the future excites me too much. On the other hand, as a practical matter, the government has a lot of influence in areas such as education. When the tots come out of the government re-education centers ... er, public school system ... thinking that Sacagawea was as important to our little republic as John Adams, something is warped. Methinks that was Ben's point. Ditto the legal system. When even the government is joining in fatuous lawsuits (e.g., against makers of smokes and guns) when they can't find support for legislation (i.e., from Americans, who tend to like smokes and guns), I think something is wrong that can't entirely be swept away as mooning over a lost, perfect, 1955 Leave-It-to-Beaver America.

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