Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Randy Newman: I will admit Eno that you have, as usual, given me new perspective on the singer/songwriter. I have eschewed Newman when given the opportunity. In fact, when I'm watching a movie and I see his name pop up as the guy providing the theme/mood music, I try my best to completely ignore the music so as not to be angered by what might otherwise be an enjoyable movie. A couple of examples pop up: Toy Story and Seabiscuit. Toy Story (he also did Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc. - apparently, he has something on the Pixar people) was of course a great movie whether you were 3 or 33. His lyrics were fitting to the movie and I didn't hate them. Seabiscuit, on the other hand, was a great book and terribly sappy, formulaic movie which Newnam did nothing to help. He played into the hands of the director, in my opinion.

I should probably then focus more on his original work (forgetting Short People for the moment). Now, if I only had a ...what was it you called it...a record player?

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