Friday, March 26, 2004

Political Entertainment: Along the lines of this discussion, what do you make of Bush getting idiotic flack for his "Where's Waldo?" slide show showing him hunting for WMDs (e.g., under the furniture)? The press, which laughed and applauded at the Correspondents' Dinner, is suddenly clucking its collective tongue by taking the complaints seriously. Political opportunists are pouncing; David Corn wants you to know that he sat on his hands. What a surprise. But even the cheerleaders over at National Review are a little uncomfortable about it. Ramesh Ponnuru says:
I'm against it--not against the occasional quip or funny line in a speech, but against the Washington dinners where the president is expected to perform for the press corps. It lowers the office. And I'm especially against it when the humor concerns matters of war. Call me a killjoy if you like.
You're a killjoy, Ramesh.

Then there's Kerry's response:

George Bush insulted me as a veteran and as a friend to many still serving in Iraq.
Ah, John "As a veteran, I have to use the bathroom" Kerry. He's too precious for words.

Jesus, there's not a goddamn subject left in the world that people will not wring their hands over at the drop of a f*cking hat! The last thing I need is a bipartisan lecture about how I should "take these things seriously."

It was funny. Now shut up.

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