Monday, March 22, 2004

NCAAs: Interestingly, I'm tied for first in my bracket competition - this is a singular event. I picked 25 out of 32 games correctly in Round 1, and 9 out of 16 in round 2. My big failures were picking Air Force to win as many as I did, and assuming Wisc would make it to Sweet 16. However, I picked correctly Xavier and St. Joe's, which were against the grain, even though St. Joe's is a No. 1. Of course I lost on Kentucky, but then again, who didn't? I have 3 out of 4 in final four, but I need Wake to keep winning, which is the longest shot right now.

I agree that Kansas wins, and that Ga. Tech wins, although Nevada sure looked good in beating the Zags. UAB barely won, and seems too reliant on amazing streaks to keep it going - although stranger things have happened.

I'd love to see St. Joe's win, and I think they can, but Wake seems too powerful, and if St. Joe's rainbows aren't falling into those pots of gold often enough, they don't have the inside presence to make it. Pitt is good, but not great. It will be tight. I'm taking OK. I like the 'Cuse over 'Bama too.

I agree with all your others: Xavier, UConn, Duke - I have UConn winning it all, but now that Duke doesn't have to face Kentucky, I expect the Dookies to make it to the finals. Big risky pick there.

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