Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Bob Edwards had it coming?: Well, that's the belief of an alleged NPR reporter. Seems that Mr. Edwards has been no more than a talking head all these years, albeit one with a voice booming with gravitas. Now this isn't exactly breaking news that anchors whether on t.v. or radio do little but read teleprompters, and that everything is scripted if it's off-teleprompter.

I guess the real issue is why do listeners/watchers develop affinities for these talking heads to the degree they do? I mean, the actual content of network news differs by minute degrees, so it can't be that say Dan Rather gives you something that Jennings does not. What is it that resonates with an audience? Myself, I'm partial to Brokaw for my direct news, and then Russert for wonky commentary. Is it a coincidence that they're both on NBC? I dunno. Anyway, this intrigues me.

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