Monday, March 22, 2004

Corrections and picks: Having spent a grand three minutes filling out my bracket I misstated my final four picks last week. They look even better now that I've checked the sheet.

Kansas is looking great right now, since I had them beating Kentucky anyway. I think they'll roll UAB since the surprise factor is officially played out. They ought (dangerous word in tourney time, I know) to roll into the final four. And UConn lucked out by having Stanford eliminated - Syracuse is probably their biggest threat out of Phoenix. I actually picked Duke, not Texas, out of the Atlanta region, and that still looks good. I wasn't smart enough to see Xavier being that strong, coming out of the Atlantic 10 conference. I'm a Dayton fan, which means I'm used to seeing my team beaten up in the first round every year. It gives me a low opinion of the conference and so I never pick those teams to go very far. Still, I see them losing to Texas and think a Texas-Duke matchup will be a good game. Finally, I had Pitt beating Wake Forest in East Rutherford, which I think will be one of the best games of the Elite Eight if it comes to be. The danger is my anti-A 10 bias biting me twice and St. Joe's continuing to live the dream. But I don't see it happening. Wake's backcourt is good enough to play with St. Joe's most of the time and they're bigger and deeper all around. A long ACC season should have them prepared.

Overall, my bracket looks pretty good, despite a few holes. I think I look pretty good having all my final four teams alive, since a lot of people who may be beating me now will feel the pain of not having Kentucky and Stanford around for the next three rounds. But I'm sure not spending the winnings yet.

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