Monday, March 22, 2004

NCAA Regionals: As I hinted, two of my final four are out already. My sports motto, therefore, is now "Enobarbus: As accurate as a coin toss." Emboldened by such success, here are my regional picks -- nice and early, Razor, so that I can claim undimmed prescience when my underdogs come through. (Like Seton Hall, eh?)

I like Georgia Tech over Nevada, even though Nevada upset #2 Gonzaga -- I had Georgia Tech over Gonzaga anyway. And I like Kansas over giant-killer UAB.

I'll take Wake over St. Joe's in a close game, and Pitt over Oklahoma in a not-so-close game.

Duke will beat Illinois against my wishes, and Xavier, high on a big upset, will roll Texas.

Syracuse will beat Alabama in a good matchup. And to pick a flat out favorite, UConn will complete the elite eight, beating Vanderbilt.

For whatever they're worth.

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