Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Odd Characterization: AP reports whispers that Lieberman will withdraw from the primary race Wednesday if (er, when) he loses his best-hope state, Delaware. Here's how they characterize it:
With his poll numbers stalled in single digits, Lieberman was never able to overcome a campaign crippled by a slow start, tepid fund-raising and a message that was often haphazard.
Two out of three, maybe, but haphazard? One could perhaps criticize his strategy as haphazard. For example, he and Clark were surely kicking themselves for giving up in Iowa because of that shoo-in Howard Dean. In addition, it was never particularly clear where he thought he could compete, geographically or demographically. But I think Lieberman, for all his flaws, has had the sturdiest message of the campaign. He's not the sexy candidate, nor the loud one -- but at least he's been consistent.

More: Following Lieberman's official drop-out, NPR reported the news this morning (2/4/04) by stating that Lieberman couldn't gain traction despite a consistent message.

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