Friday, February 27, 2004

Just a Little Loving: Ah, Dusty Springfield, you constitutional sage.

Razor, as usual your commentary is brimful of informative fact, not to mention ridiculous example. But your opinion on the matter (which seems to boil down to "Puh-leeze") leaves me feeling a bit empty. Are you trying to avoid a paper trail? (That federal judgeship may be coming, but I'm convinced I can put you in the Senate well before then.)

Your comments indicate that you are not in the first of the three groups you describe (marriage not a universal right; restriction wholly constitutional). I don't think you'd show up in the second group (man/man marriage as good as man/woman; man/woman/man or man/aardvark worth considering). That leaves only the yawning chasm that you call "the middle ground" (marriage is a right; rational basis restriction okay). Lots of wiggle room in that place. You getting advice from John Kerry's team on this?

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