Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Let slip the dogs of war: Or so says Andrew Sullivan in response to Bush's call for a gay marriage ammendment.
This struggle is hard but it is also easy. The president has made it easy. He's a simple man and he divides the world into friends and foes. He has now made a whole group of Americans - and their families and their friends - his enemy. We have no alternative but to defend ourselves and our families from this attack. And we will.
I've said before that I'm sympathetic to the cause of gay couples, but I don't know what Andrew could have expected. When mayors and judges aren't willing to "let politics and the law take their course," as Andrew suggests Bush ought to have, what response was likely.

I never thought Bush was one to call for an ammendment like this. Too much work for too little political payoff, I'd think. And I wish he would have kept the constitution out of the matter entirely, rather than further entrench the federal government into the lives of its citizens. But the proponents of gay marriage have not shown the poltical discipline to avance their cause by reasonable means, and shouldn't be surprised at the response.

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