Friday, February 13, 2004

Universities, biased?: My stupid college...which I will not name for now, but rest assured it's one of those small liberal arts schools that promotes "diversity". Anyway, I just got an email update (which I get monthly) on the goings-on at the school. First on the list? Their proud announcement that Ralph "Nadar" will be the commencement speaker. Already, the school is on the defensive:
"The choice of Nadar was the result of a new process and committee formed this year, which included three students, three faculty members, and three administrators. Regardless of your personal views about him, you would be hard-pressed to find an individual who has committed more of his or her life to broadening fundamental democratic values in this country than Nadar," says ______, assistant vice president of academic affairs and chair of the commencement speaker selection committee.
No, actually "Nadar" hasn't done squat to broaden fundamental democratic values. All he has done is try to cram down an agenda on Congress. He is a lobbyist dressed up in a populist's bad tie. What am I missing?

Well, let's hope they at least spell his name right on the program.

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