Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Urban Outfitters: The story behind the company (Urban Outfitters) which is behind that remake of the retro t-shirt is actually pretty interesting. Unfortunately I can't find an on-line link to the story from Philadelphia Magazine, but it goes something like this. The store begins its life as a thrift store in Philadelphia created by two hippies who get married. The whole concept is free love and nearly-free clothing. Nothing designed or marketed, just a place to get get used clothing and other paraphenalia (it wasn't a head shop, so no implication here).

Well, the store starts to get a head of steam, and at some point, the husband and wife part ways. The husband becomes a Republican and a successful business man employing hundreds while selling over-priced clothing that only kids between the ages of 14 and 24 can wear. Wife remains true to her activist roots and opens a very successful but vegan, charity-donating, cause-espousing restaurant. Wife shakes head at what has become of husband. Husband shrugs and says he's just living the American Dream and not everyone can live in the 70s.

Meanwhile, the store has grown and grown and indeed thrives on selling crap but crap with ironic labels and sayings. It's in many cities now. Run.

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