Tuesday, February 24, 2004

You're not crying hard enough!: Remember when Princess Di was killed in the car crash? Of course you do. Don't you remember buying that ticket to London so you could lay flowers at the gates to Buckingham Palace? I also recall you writing a poem memorializing her life and all that she meant to you. I know you never met her, but she seemed so nice didn't she? Anyway, there's no doubting your sincerity and how much you'll miss her. And those poor boys. I remember a slew of postcards to them noting how sad you were and how if there was anything at all you could do... It seems like yesterday we were watching her on the telly commenting on how she seemed to be putting on a few kilos. What? Oh, I'm not talking ill about the dead at all. I absolutely worship the dead. See, here's my scrapbook proving it.

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