Friday, February 20, 2004

Elections: Here's Ali from Iranian Diaries, the day after the "elections" (could there be a more appropriate use of scare quotes?):
Finally it came and gone away. The election day. Seventh parliamentary election in Iran. I didn't participate, nor my family, nor my friends, nor most of the Iranians who care for a free, free Iran . . . Today there was again a big, manipulated show in Iranian Television (Seda-Sima). Since the early morning all the handfull TV networks covered the elections in special programs, mostly consisting of one or two showman in studio and some reporters in the city in voting places. They used more close-ups than long-shots to lie that people participations has been great . . .
Saliot at the 1st Persian Blog says (with an assist from Iranfilter, since Saliot's site is in Persian):
All the 6 channels of the state-run TV is playing the beloved "Ey Iran" anthem over the smiling face of the Leader, and are begging people to vote!

[Note: The "Ey Iran" anthem is the most beloved Iranian anthem, considered by people to be the national anthem of the country regardless of the model of the government. The current regime has avoided this anthem for a very long time but is now using it out of despare as the last tool to persuade people to vote].

Does it say something -- something hopeful, perhaps -- that the regime is so desperate to put the face of legitimacy on the elections? I wish I knew.

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