Thursday, February 19, 2004

Efficiency: Ol' Razor has been a bit busy these past few days and it doesn't look like things are going to improve. I read Radley's "Fisking" of the piece and yes he makes some good points. I kind of felt like he was fighting generalized platitudes with generalized platitudes, but perhaps that is all that is necessary.

The original pieces was silly to be couched in terms of "efficiency". The point is, you can be efficient in many different ways. It's HOW you go about it that is the issue, not the concept as a whole. Using animal feed as your source material seems a bit of a stretch. Radely also seems to get away with some half-hearted bunts too (it's okay to feed animals other animals because animals eat animals - well, actually, cows and chickens don't in the normal course of things).

I think Radley would have done a better job of addressing the piece with a cogent argument of his own that was maybe less than 100 paragraphs. "Fisking" is over-rated because it's too localized - tit for tat. Bring the argument up a few levels and talk more broadly, is what I would have done. Oh well. Back to work.

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