Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sullivan: I hardly agree with Howard Dean's rhetoric on the issue and I was surprised Andrew seemed to buy into it, but my point wasn't to be a cheerleader for him. For better or worse, Dennis Prager and others speak for a number of social conservatives with whom I disagree. His statement indicates that the gay marriage issue either is more important, electorally, than I had suspected, or that a number of people are intent on making it so.

I think most Americans would list their critical issues either 1)security 2)economy or vice versa, but Bush made gay marriage, and the possibility of a constitutional ammendment preventing same, a banner issue in his SOTU speech. I suppose I couldn't care less if Andrew Sullivan loses one or two readers because he spends too much time on gay rights. I think, though, that if it's going to be a front page topic during the election, I want him in the debate, not worrying about pissing off a few readers (aka contributors) who don't want the issue in their face.

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