Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The RGA: I earlier expressed my distaste for "fisking" as I don't think it advances the ball much. It's just a way of saying, I don't agree with each of your points, and here's why. For that reason, critiquing his speech on the merits doesn't accomplish much (the only shot I want to take is his sentence that "no one has been helped by a frivolous lawsuit" - gee...really? That's like saying no one has been cured of cancer by having his teeth cleaned.)

Anyway, the speech was 100 times better than the SOTU. It flowed, it played to his strength of combining wit with short sentences. His agenda is clear; something that has also been one of his strengths: the man is not afraid of making a decision. It's simply a matter of whether America likes the decisions he makes.

The stage is now set -- Game on (to mix my metaphors)

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