Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Helpful Site: The Chicago Sun-Times has an issues index, featuring the candidates in their own words on policy issues. Here, for example, is Kerry on free trade:
I support free trade, but I don't support what the Bush administration calls free trade. I will order an immediate 120-day review of all trade agreements to ensure that our trading partners are living up to their labor and environment obligations and that trade agreements are enforceable and are balanced for America's workers. I won't sign any new trade agreements unless they contain strong labor and environmental standards.
I'll be dipped in shit if I can figure out what the hell "free trade" means from that quote.

Lending credence to Flyer's policy-margins idea, note that on many issues, at least one of the Democrats is pretty damn close to the Bush administration's policy. Thus, enormous giveaways like No Child Left Behind and entitlement sinkholes like Medicare drug coverage are criticized by the Dems as niggardly, even though actual policy differences are negligible. It's all a matter of negotiated position. The Dems would call the Bush Medicare plan generous if they'd bargained Bush up from dead zero to $500+ billion.

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