Thursday, February 05, 2004

Gay marriage: Andrew Sullivan's email of the day:
"Good-bye, Andrew. I am going to leave you for now. I cannot take anymore articles about gays. This really grieves me because your site was a great read on all other subjects. So instructive. But gay issues have taken over and it's become unbearable." - one of dozens of similar ones.
I understand that a lot of people are sick of talking about an issue that makes them uncomfortable. Many conservatives don't want to talk about gay rights, and, I guess, don't want to read about them either. But last night on Dennis Miller's CNBC show (am I becoming a regular watcher?) conservative radio host Dennis Prager said that the two issues that will define the November election are national security and gay marriage. I supect I'd differ with Prager's position on the issue. I also am not sure it's a "voting issue" to me, or at least not ahead of security and economic issues (on this I'm in agreement with Sullivan). But it will be used as a political cudgel by both parties and will impact voter preferences. It's one of the reasons that Kerry, because he's from Massachusetts, can't even compete in the South in a Democratic primary. I hope Andrew keeps writing about the issue and engaging those who disagree with him. Ignoring the issue because it's uncomfortable does no good.

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